(First) Family Reunion


It was the right time for our family reunion. In the past few months, we all chased after other partners, cheated a little, argued, fought, made up and found each other again. Now it was time to celebrate our reunion. When we finished dinner Jane quipped: “you two have been so bad, you deserve a spanking!”.

We laughed when Mary said, “shall we try out the dungeon?”. We went downstairs. I stripped and Jane inserted a butt plug into me. The ladies secured me to the cross. They picked up paddles from the wall rack and alternately smacked my butt cheeks until I began to feel the pain of the paddles hitting the same area. My ass was now red and tingly. They unfastened me and tied me on the bench. Jane pulled the plug and placed a curved dildo on her strap-on harness and inserted it in me. Mary pulled a long dildo and began poking it into my mouth as Jane pumped me in the rear.

After Jane tired of thrusting me, she released me from the bench. Jane and I secured Mary to the bench and paddled her butt. It didn’t take too long before her but cheeks were red hot.

We released Mary and she mounted the spanking table and lied on her back. I lifted her legs over my shoulders and began to probe her lightly with my c*ck. Jane started kissing her. Soon I had inserted my d*ck fully and started f*cking Mary slowly as Jane inserted her tongue in Mary’s mouth.

When we were done, we walked up the stairs. We had a few drinks and laughed as we sat on the couch. When Jane left the room to change into her nightclothes, Mary and I conspired to give Jane some treatment. We entered her bedroom and I tackled Jane and forced her onto her bed as Mary secured her wrists to the corners. We were all laughing as Jane thought this was some lighthearted fun. Mary and I began to tickle Jane. I knew she was really sensitive on her feet, so I began lightly tickling her soles. Mary tickled Jane’s armpits. Soon Jane was writhing and laughing loudly.

Since Mary and I sub to Jane, we really couldn’t inflict pain unless she wanted it but we figured


we could torture her by tickling her sensitive areas.

It was an opportunity to release all the animosity and tension that had built up between Jane and Mary and I. After Jane was exhausted from the torment, we released her. Mary and I lied on the bed on each side of Jane and put our arms around her. We slept together that night.


The names we call each other

A subtle thing happens with the ladies at the S&M bar. When either one is getting horny, she’ll call the other one by their pet name. Sarah calls Mary “slut”. Mary calls Sarah “bitch”.


“Is this the way you want it, slut?” Sarah will say to Mary in a teasing way.

“Yeah,” Mary will reply if she’s game, “that’s the way I want it, bitch!”

This kind of conversation happens when they’re about to call it a day. It’s usually out of range from the customers, but I know what they’re saying by the tone of their voice. It’s the beginning of their love game.

Mary, the slut, will bend over, her butt facing Sarah. Sarah will walk by, giving her a discreet slap. “Is that all you got,” Mary will say, tauntingly.

“There’s a lot more waiting for you, slut!” Sarah will say if she’s feeling feisty.

This dialog can go on for several minutes before one will turn to me and say, “Dave, can you close up tonight?”

“Yes,  I got it covered.”

“Good, ” she’ll say, “we’re retiring for the night” as she picks up a wine split.

The reality of living with the ladies is that they are deeply involved with each other and they need “together” time to sort things out. I stay at the bar as long as I can, sometimes for the whole night, to give them personal space, if they want to be alone.

Sometimes they’ll want me to join me a little later. When they do, they call me by my pet name.


“You’ll be coming to bed soon, won’t you, man-whore?”

Boning up for work and play


I’m an intern at a drug rehabilitation center. I was caught off guard when one of the staff asked me if one of our clients was in a stage of relapse. I didn’t know what the stages were. Later my supervisor called me into her office and asked me,  “what did you major in at college?”

“Child psychology,” I replied defensively.

“Oh,” she sighed, “that explains why you wouldn’t know much about addiction relapse”.

“Yeah,” I replied, “children usually don’t have those problems.”

She went to the bookshelves and picked out several journals. “here,” she handed the stack to me,”read up on the subject.  The department manager is visiting us next week and we want to look good.”



I went into the back room at the bar with friends several times today.  When I returned Mar remarked, “so how was it, slut?” I wished we weren’t closing early since things were going so well for me. I might have had a fourth or a fifth friend to play with if the bar was open later.



Closing the bar earlier on weekdays has its advantages. We get some personal time.

After I closed up for the night, I settled into the couch to bone up on the journals. Sarah went out to a party. Mar was in the tub. I learned the 3 steps of relapse are emotional, mental and physical. My mind began thinking that maybe I was relapsing into playing around too much. Mar called me ‘slut’ more than usual.  She was upset that she was left out of the party Sarah went to. She took her anger at Sarah out on me.

She came out of the bath and walked into the room rubbing a towel through her hair. “Are you going to be up all night”, she asked in the same tone she used when she called me a slut.

I closed the journal and grabbed her by the waist and moved her to the back of the couch. I turned her and pushed her down with one hand as I raised her bathrobe. I began slapping her butt with my hand. “Call me a slut?”  I asked her in a playful tone.

“I didn’t mean it, Daddy”, she replied in her ‘I’m a bad girl’ voice.

“You deserve to be punished for this indiscretion, just the same.” I said in a strong voice like a stern father.

“What are you going to do?” she challenged me. My hand became wet from the sweat of her cheeks.

“Ten,” I said, “and more if you give me sass!” I grabbed my belt into a loop.

“Oh, Daddy,” she giggled, “I won’t do it again!”

“Start counting,” I began strapping her, changing the landing between each stroke.  It’s a delicate matter when you hurt the one you love. I’ve learned over time to give her just enough to keep the juices of her arousal flowing and pull back if she is hurting.

“Eight,” she gasped as I pulled back further,”nine,” as the crack of the belt surprised me.

Usually she’ll start talking back and say, “is that all you got,” if she wants more.

The last whack was even more intense.  She let out a moan.  I turned her around and kissed her cheek, tasting the salt of a tear. “There, there, sweet child, ” I said to comfort her.  We embraced for a few minutes. I led her to my bedroom and laid her face down on the bed.

I fastened the velcro straps around her wrists and attached them to the hooks at the corners.  I attached her ankles to the ends of a spreader bar and tied it to the bottom of the bed. I propped her butt up with several pillows and began rubbing  lotion on her reddened skin.

She relaxed and began moaning to the rhythm of my stroking. Her lips parted and juice was glistening in the light. There was an all-too-familiar smell of sweat and sex.  I began dipping  the vibe  in and out and rubbing her swollen purplish lips with the sticky goo. I felt my dick harden under my shorts. I slipped them off and knelt behind her. I teased her with the tip of my cock on her lips.

“Oh Daddy, ” she challenged, “take me.”

“Say please,” I scolded her.

“Please, Daddy, fuck me!” she panted louder.

I inserted my cock into her and tapped the spot behind her mound.

“You tease,” she cried out in frustration, “you fuckin’ slut!”

“Who’s the slut?” I yanked her hair.

“I ‘m a slut,” she yelled, “put it all in!”

I pushed in a little further. “Can you say please?” I teased  her.

“Please, Daddy, please,” she replied with desperation.

I began the slow in and out, rubbing some lube on my cock to keep the friction down. After fucking three times earlier that day I knew I would be shooting blanks and could go all night. I tugged her hair as I thrust inward. Her inner muscles sucked my dick in further like a good blowjob. “I don’t remember feeling this good in a long time!” I thought.

After lots of thrusting, there was a large wet spot on the towel underneath us.  She was drying out. I couldn’t add more lube to ease the situation.  “Are you going to come?” she asked.

“No,” I gasped, “I’m good”. I knew I might get a drop or two out if I pumped really hard but I was beginning to feel my stomach muscles strain.

“Do you want me to do you?” she asked.

If I hadn’t been spent, a blowjob would have done the trick. I dismounted and released her.

“No,” I said, “I just want to cuddle. Do you want a water?”

“Yes,” she turned over and read my expression of sweet tiredness.



We finished the water and she laid back in the bed. “Sex can make one thirsty”,  I pulled the covers up and slipped in next to her.

“Yeah,” she said.

“You are my little princess,” I whispered behind her ear.

“And you are my prince,” she said sleepily, “good night.” In a short time her breathing became heavy as she was in a deep sleep.

I may be a slut,  but I’m your slut tonight!

she marked her prey

Kat approached the handsome boy .

“What’s your name?” she asked him, “Do you want to play?” .

“My name’s Dale,” he said quietly, “Yes, ma’am,” .

Kat attached her leash to one of the rings on his collar and led him to one of the unused play areas. She suspended him to the cross and started to squeeze his cock as she pinched his nipples with her nails.  She was surprised how well Dale responded to her ministrations. She lifted her flogger and began whipping him across his chest. He moaned in delight as she moved her hand up and down the frenum on the underside of his cock.  Her hand collected spurts of cum that erupted from it. She smeared it across his lips and kissed him. She placed placed a hand around his throat and pinched his nostril with the other hand. She forced her tongue into his mouth and pushed the sticky goo in. He moaned into her mouth as their lips smacked together.


When they finished the session, “I have to pee, ” , Kat said, “Do you want to join me? ”

“Yes, may I, ma’am”, he said with more enthusiasm.  She released him from the cross, attached her leash to his collar and led him to the bathroom in the hallway.

When they got inside the room, she closed the door and ordered Dale to kneel in front of her. She lifted her skirt and told him to slip off her panties.

He slid her underwear to her ankles. She leaned on him as she slipped out of the lace. She stepped toward the toilet, lifted the seat and straddled it. “Come here,” she said as she pointed to a spot in front of her.

He crawled and knelt before her as she crouched toward the bowl and let the stream flow from her into the bowl. When she finished, she moved closer to him. He did not move back. She tugged on his leash and said, “clean me”.

He bent forward and started to gently lick the salty fluid off her folds.

His tongue circled around the outer folds. His eyes met hers. She pulled her vulva open and nodded to him. “Mmmm,” she moaned, “put your tongue in deeper, get it all.”

His tongue darted to the tiny hole that was the source of her salty fluid. He tapped in on the bottom and some drops slipped onto his tongue. His nostrils filled with the unmistakable vapors of her scent. He had no resistance to the odor and the taste of her. He drew more of the fluid out. He would remember her this way.

She watched his lecherous tongue massage her wet skin tenderly. At last a boy who would accept the real me…not just a fantasy. He might be a keeper! 

She pushed him back gently, stepped over the bowl and pulled up her underwear and skirt. She walked to the sink and opened the cabinet above it. “Here’s a toothbrush and toothpaste,” she said to him, “wash your mouth and meet me outside by the couches.”

He brushed his teeth and rinsed his mouth with some mouthwash.

Kat went to Gina. “Are you with Dale?” Gina asked.

“Yeah,” she replied, checking Gina’s expression, “he’s been with me. Do you want him?”

“Not tonight,” Gina replied, “I’m with Tommy. ”

“Is it OK with you?”

“Yeah, sure. I hope you two can hit it on, ” Gina said.

“Is he OK to trust?”

“He’s been OK with me. Do you want to join Tommy and I at my place?”

“Yeah, give me a few minutes to talk to Dale.” Kat said.

Kat noticed Dale leaving the restroom. She walked over to him. Their eyes met again. She took his hair and pulled him into her and kissed him. His lips parted and she darted her tongue inside his mouth. “You taste good”, she said.

“Thank you ma’am,” he said.

“Do you want to come with me as my slave?”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said, “if it would please you.”

“Yes,” she smiled, “it would please me very much if you submit to me tonight.”

“Thank you, ma’am”.


She attached her leash to his collar and lead him across the room before the other couples who were making out on the couches. She found an empty couch and sat on it. She pointed to the floor in front of her feet and tugged his collar. Dale knelt before her.

“Now, slave, ” she said, “lets resume where we left off.”She reached under her skirt and pushed her underwear to her ankles.

She lifted her skirt, pushed her hips forward and pointed to her pussy. “Kiss me here.”

He moved his lips toward her mound and she dropped her skirt over his head. He began licking her in the darkness, his tongue following her scent.

“You’re a nice boy,” she said, “keep licking me like that!”

He resumed his licking and sucking with fervor. He could taste a faint trace of the fluid he had just licked mingled with her odor.

“Dale,” she said, “they’re going to close this place soon,  would you like to come with me to Gina’s place for the night?”

“mmmmph”, he moaned his approval.



Dog Park

He was walking through an older part of town he hadn’t been to in a long time. Older brick industrial buildings had been converted into high-ceiling trendy lofts. On the streets nearby there were none of the usual broken car windows and the piles of glass shards below, no mattresses and household items dumped on the sidewalk. As he neared the park he could smell the pine trees and the fragrance of wildflowers instead of the burning rubber and plastic and exhaust from the vehicles that usually clogged the streets. The lawn in the park had been recently mowed and smelled of chlorophyll. The sunlight between the buildings painted a brilliant yellow-green design and directed him to enter. He saw couples walking along the path. Older women in leather boots and jackets were leading younger boys in jeans and muscle tees that exposed their maze-like tattoos. The women lead the collared boys by their leashes. Inside the park a group of disheveled young boys wandered along the path looking through garbage cans.

One of the leashed boys lunged forward and attempted to join the wandering vagrants. His owner tugged on his leash and pulled him to a park bench.


She directed him to kneel and when he dropped below where she sat, she soft slapped him and held his gaze toward hers. She scolded her boy and promised him a thorough beating if he repeated his behavior. The boy placed his arms behind his back and cast his eyes downward in submission as she brought him to heel.

He felt a tug on his neck. His partner had yanked his leash to direct him to one of the lofts. They went inside and she greeted the leather-clad woman inside.  “Now pup, kneel” she told him. “This is my pet,” she said to the woman.

“Let me show you my slave,” the other woman said as the two walked to the center of the room. A naked boy was tied up with red rope and suspended from the pulley in the ceiling. He wore only matching high-heels and a ballgag.


She beat him on his butt with her crop as he moaned. “He loves to be kept this way,” she smiled.

As the sun was setting, he was lead by his mistress to their home. She opened the door and let him in. “My coat and boots,” she ordered him. He removed her leather jacket and hung it in the closet. She sat on the small stool. He slipped off her boots.

“Pup, ” she said as she pointed down.


He bowed to her feet.

“Place my slippers on now,” she ordered.

He slipped the soft shoes on her feet and bowed before her.

“Good pup,” she said as she patted him on the head, ” now fix my dinner and bring me a drink.”

He started heating the food and brought her the glass of wine and knelt before where she was laying on the couch, reading a book. She sipped a little and handed the glass back to him. He was about to get up when she commanded him to stay.


“You’ve been a good puppy all day,” she turned to him as he looked down to the floor.

“Yes, ma’am,” he spoke.

“Good puppies deserve a treat,” she said, “but first finish making dinner and call me when it’s ready.”

She sat at the table. When he had finished serving her, she pointed to the floor. He knelt, facing her.  She took the carrot sticks and dipped them inside her. She beckoned him with her finger as she had placed the sticks before her. “Good boy,” she said. “You may eat now.” One by one he sucked them off the chair.

“Would you like a drink, sweetie,?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said.

She took a large sip of her wine and lifted his face up toward her, moved in and kissed him as she spit the wine into his mouth.

“Now be a good boy and run my bath,” she commanded him. After he filled the tub with the hot water and the fragrances she liked, she removed her clothes and slipped into the bubbly mix. “Wash my back.”

He knelt by the side of the tub and soaped her back. He rinsed her and toweled her off as she stood. He helped her into her robe.

“Now be a good boy and clean up in the kitchen and see me when you’re done,” she said.

He finished his chores and returned to the bedroom and stood at the foot of the bed. She lowered the covers and revealed her naked body to him. She started to finger herself. “Come here,” she beckoned him with her finger, “kiss me.”

He buried his face in her and licked until she pushed him away. “Place your arms behind your back,” she ordered. She wound the red rope around his shoulders into a harness. She attached the other end to a pulley in the ceiling. She pulled it tight. She placed a hood over his head.



She whipped his back and sides with her single-tail.  Sweat poured out from the red welts her whip made on his skin. She could hear him whimpering as he began to cry. He moaned in agony.

Her reign of blows continued through the night. He felt he was swimming in a drowsy haze of pain and arousal.

She lead him to the bed and mounted him, alternating between his mouth and cock.

A loud banging noise awoke him in the early morning. The garbage truck lifted the dumpster and emptied its contents. The traffic along the street rumbled loudly. He remembered it was time for him to serve the woman he lived with. He turned in his bed to look at his partner but he couldn’t move much. He was bound to the bed and she had left him.  She had left them there alone.

He thought maybe it had all been a dream, or was it?

A Day in the Life

My friends ask me why I haven’t written much lately. Although I can write technical and research papers almost in my sleep, writing about my personal life is difficult because I’m so involved with the people I live with. I have intense feelings for the women, Mary and Jane, but I also have doubts that they have the same feelings for me. Why do I feel this way?

People who don’t know our living situation think I’m living in an endless orgy with two beautiful women. The women are attractive to me, especially since I fancy older women, but endless orgies? The truth is the women are more into each other than into me. People who don’t know them would assume by their appearance and whom they hang out with that they are lesbians. But our friends and I know differently. Like Betty Dodson said of herself, the women are lesbian with a tendency toward bisexuality.  They don’t like the kind of rough penetrating sex they usually get from guys. They prefer more fondling, kissing and fingers touching their sensitive areas. They use vibrators to build the intensity of their orgasm. I’m more than willing to accommodate them with the sensual touching they prefer. They use my cock like a vibrator when they mount me and grind their pelvis up and down my bone. A warm erection feels a lot different than a cold piece of plastic. They have a wave of orgasms as the women ride me to the climax they like.

Our threesomes don’t happen every day as some people think. We’re all very busy and we have our friends whom we are intimate with. Jane has her “clients”, usually lawyers she is acquainted with. Mary has friends she meets at the bookstore where she works. And me? I get calls for one-night stands from women who live in the dorms. I also hang with some guys I swim with at the college. Jane, Mary and I have an open relationship: we can have his or her own partners as long as everyone knows them. Jane and Mary introduce their partners to me and I introduce my partners to them. We’re all friends.

Sometimes we have an orgy where we invite our partners to join in. We meet at one of the partner’s homes or they meet at ours. The room is lit with candles. We sit on couches or pillows on the floor. Our parties are different than swinging. We first get acquainted with each other with a little smoke and some hot spicy “herbal” tea. We talk and laugh a lot. After a while the room heats up and our clothes come off, our hands start caressing bodies. Talking is replaced by kissing. In swinging, a man and a woman will pair off. In our open parties, sometimes a woman will pair off with another woman, sometimes a guy with a guy. Often the groups are two men and one woman or two women and one man. After a while we switch between groups. What we do isn’t all f*cking; we do a lot of kissing and fondling, maybe some JO and oral.

We rarely do BDSM play in our orgies because it is just too complicated. BDSM to us is a one-on-one relationship, a kind of intimacy between two people, a sharing of dominance and submission, of pain and pleasure. We extend our BDSM sessions to include all three of us whenever possible. How we relate depends on the mood and the circumstances. I usually submit to Jane as I think of her as superior to me in most ways. I’m playing checkers while she is playing chess. Also, I haven’t had enough experience to dominate someone. Lately, though, Mary has coached me to how she likes to be dominated.  So in this sense, I’m a switch, sometimes in the same play session.

A typical day where we end up playing in a BDSM session goes like this: I make the women breakfast before I go off to school. Mary texts me and I meet her for lunch at the bookstore. After a long spell of “bed-death” she’s feeling amorous again. She rubs her leg against mine. We look into each other’s eyes. I’m thinking, should I suggest we slip off to the house and have a quickie, but she usually suggests we do something with her partner, Jane. She urges me to meet Jane during work later in the afternoon. I text Jane and suggest we meet-up. I go off to work and see Jane later in the evening. She wants to know how my meeting with Mary went. I tell her Mary is waiting for her to come home. Jane becomes enthusiastic, and is looking forward for an evening with Mary. She tells me: “you be sure to come home as early as you can, too!”

I feel good about how Jane and Mary are feeling about each other. It is as if the ice has thawed and we’re all ready to relate again. I hope that maybe we will be a happy family again. I text Mary the news: “Jane wants 2 CU”

Work often keeps me very late. Fortunately the guy who comes in on the night shift has shown up early tonight. He’s cool and lets me slip out early as he will cover for me (I usually cover for him when he’s out at parties). I rush back home. When I come in, I can hear Jane and Mary upstairs in a rumble of laughter and shouts of agony. I go upstairs to take a quick shower. I can hear their play session in fine detail. Jane probably has Mary tied to the rack in her bedroom and is flogging her. The two women seem to like this kind of play as they laugh between the blows of the flogger.

I hear Jane’s voice: “Is that you, Dave”.

“Yes, its me,” I answer.

“We’re waiting for you,” she laughs.

I slip on my g-string and step into my sandals. I wrap a towel around my waist and another around my head and try to dry off quickly as I rush to Jane’s bedroom.


The women are dressed in their underwear. There is a smell of sweat and incense in the dimly lit bedroom. Jane is releasing Mary from the rack. The women turn to me and laugh, “now its your turn, Dave!”

I’m shackled and tied to the rack. I receive a light flogging on my chest from Mary and between each of her strokes Jane whacks my thighs with her crop.

Soon the pain becomes excruciating and I start gasping for air. “Do you want us to put a gag on you, Dave?” Jane asks.

“No,” I plead to the women, “please don’t”. But they gag me anyway and continue beating me harder. I start to shudder at each crack of Jane’s crop. Jane reaches into my string and pulls my cock out. It springs to an erection. I don’t understand how it happens, but I’m turned-on by this beating.  She clutches my dick and swats it with her crop. I am feeling my threshold of maximum pain. Tears flow down my face, slobber drips out of the ball gag as I whimper. Small amounts of cum are dripping from my swollen cock. I feel as if I am going to pass out. I am in ecstasy.

Jane and Mary fall into the bed and start hugging. I watch the women embrace and grind their bodies together. The room begins to smell of more sweat and come. The women’s bodies shake and shudder. I feel a load coming from my balls to the tip of my cock. We are all coming together.

They release me from the rack and lead me to the bed where they lay on each side. They secure my hands above my head, to the frame of the bed. We kiss and we tongue. I’m hard again. Jane sits on top of me and grinds back and forth. I feel her come gush on my balls. She hops off and continues with her vibrator. Mary now tops me and grinds away. I can feel her fluids drench me.

After Jane and Mary alternate between riding me several more times, they collapse on the bed. Jane releases me and unhooks my shackles. We lie together and continue hugging and kissing through the night.

I drift asleep. Later in the night Jane is pinching my nipple. This awakens me. She has trained me; my cock becomes erect again. We kiss a little and then she pushes me down and presses my face into her. I lick her lips and blow my heated breath into her. Soon I am licking a rush of come from her. We sleep some more and later Mary is squeezing my dick. We kiss and she pushes her tongue in my mouth. She pushes my head down with her hands and I tongue her lower lips lightly as she comes.

When Mary is satisfied, I know its time for me to leave the women alone. I grab my things and slip out the door as Jane and Mary embrace.

After an evening of intense BDSM play and hot, sweaty sex, I slip under my bed covers and fall asleep quickly. In the morning I feel recharged and even more committed to these women who I’ve come to accept as my family.

Saturday Night Steam

I was swimming in one of the faster lanes in the evening. It’s relaxed by then, the staff coaches and lifeguards are gone for the day. The water was clear. The pool lights were on and I could see the swimmers in the other lanes.

 a night swim is the best time to meet someone

At night, guys will swim in their underwear. The wet fabric folds into their butt crack like a g-string. Their cock and balls are hung in a sack below them like a rudder on a boat.

Eventually the guys leave and I have a lane to myself without having to avoid other swimmers. The lane cleared and I began the butterfly. I did a few reps and started my cool-down.

A young woman in a string bikini got into the lane and swam in front of me. She was faster than I.  I took the challenge and caught up with her. She went faster. I caught up again. We swam faster and faster like a cat and mouse.

She did a medley. She started into the breaststroke. I had to bob up for air more often than she. When I went back into the water, I couldn’t help but notice her legs spreading in the frog kick. Her bikini bottom appeared to be almost transparent. I could see her folds in full detail. Although I was beginning to feel tired, I swam faster to keep up with the view.

In the evening the gym has mostly body builders with huge biceps. They pick up heavy weights and drop them on the padded floor with a grunt. The air has a heady smell of testosterone and sweat. When I work out with them I often leave feeling like I want to get into a fight.  Tonight I stayed in the pool and followed the small woman with the tiny bikini. I was getting increasingly horny, my dick began to harden. When I left the pool I wanted to do one thing and that was to fuck.

I went into the locker room to shower. A slim guy walked in. His dark board shorts contrasted to his lightly tanned skin. His abs lines pointed into his narrow waist. He had a short beard, like a guy who shaves only every other  day and today was his day off. Maybe he sat on the bar stools along the beach, holding a vodka martini and watched the surfers or the girls lying on the sand. Maybe when he worked he sat in an office looking into a computer screen. At his apartment he sat on a couch with his roommates watching sports. Tonight he was bored and came here for something different. He brought a basketball ready to play pick-up at a moments notice. Although he wasn’t tall like the other guys in the court, he often out-maneuvered them and raced to the hoop alone with enough time to make his shot.

He slipped off his tee-shirt in front of the noisy fan in the locker room to cool off. His sweat made lines that ran through the furrows between his muscles. He retrieved a towel and wiped off.

He turned to me, our eyes met

He went to his locker and opened it. He turned to sit on the bench and untie his shoes as he faced me. He stood and slipped off his shorts. His large dick flopped out. I glanced down and saw the cut beauty. His large tool stood out like a gem in the rough of short pubic hairs.  I slid my Speedos off. He looked down and then up toward me. We both smiled slightly. I led the way to the steam room and he followed.

The watery air blurred the vague forms of the other guys in the room.  The blasting rush of steam softened their grunts and moans, the lips slurping of cock.  We preferred girls but we wanted relief now. He wanted me to take the lead and  get his dick hard. We kissed. I pinched his nipples. I pushed him down on his knees. I fed him my cock. He was reluctant at first. I pulled his head toward me. He relaxed and began lapping on the tip and took in more. I jerked a little and lost my load. I pulled him up by his hair and we kissed again and exchanged the sticky cum between our mouths. I took him full length. We kissed and shared our cum.

I felt relieved of the tension that peaked during my workout. He seemed more relaxed. There was a smell of sweat and testosterone throughout the room. My pulse was rushing to cool my body off from the heat. I needed air and a cool shower.

I walked toward the steamy glass door. “What was your name?” he called out to me.

“I’m Dave”, I said as I glanced toward his shimmering image, “what’s yours?”

“I’m Kal,” he said.

“See you, Kal”, I opened the door as two men entered.

“Yeah,” he said through the roar of the steam, “see you.”

Who is the trainer and who is the trainee?

Jane began taking personal training sessions from Zev a young, lithe muscle-bound guy at the fitness club she attends. At first she came home and complained how much stress and aggravation he caused her. After a while she adapted to the exercises he directed her to do and began to show results. After one of his sessions with her, he invited her to the fitness center’s lunch room. He seemed attracted to her and asked for a date. She told him: “you’ll have to get to know me first”. So for several weeks they would meet after her workout and talked about their background and interests. Zev was a PE major in college and worked as a physical therapist for a hospital until he was laid off about a year ago. He now worked part time at the center and had personal training sessions with several clients to supplement the little pay he received at the club. Jane told Zev she was a lesbian domme and wasn’t interested in vanilla relationships. Zev seemed eager to receive her services. So Zev came to our dungeon one Saturday evening and had a session with Jane.

I am assisting Jane during her dungeon sessions as a receptionist, answering calls from clients and giving them her instructions to strip to a leather g-string before she would see them. At first I became a bit annoyed at hearing the activities in the dungeon: the clanking of chains, the cracks of the whips & floggers, the screams and whimpers of her clients. Eventually I got to know some the regulars and talked to them as they waited for Jane to come out of the dungeon in her bright red corset, fishnet stockings, thigh-high boots with a crop at her side and say: “who’s next!”. I could see fear build up in their expression with each crack of the whip Jane was using on some other client in the dungeon. Her clients were usually middle-aged married men who paid Jane to thrash them regularly. They appreciated her special skills as she tormented them while they were secured to the cross or the rack, wielding her flogger, whip or cane on their flinching bodies. When they were finished, most of them smiled and thanked “Mistress Jane” for her services.

Jane had Zev for her last session of the day. Recently Zev noticed the new cage we built under the spanking table and asked Jane to lock him in it. She asked me if I didn’t mind watching Zev for the night. I immediately agreed to her request not realizing that I would have a sleepless night in a darkened dungeon. My instructions were to let Zev out for toilet breaks and to lock him in the cage when he returned. I was also to wake him early and hose him down in the shower before she came into the dungeon and resumed his torture session.

Later the next morning, Jane called me into her session with Zev. She had him tied to the bench. She forced Zev to suck my c*ck to the root. Then she directed me to fist Zev. I lubed my fingers with astro-glide and stuck one in after another. Eventually his sphincter opened up and took my hand up to the wrist. I rotated my hand and felt the little lump of his prostate. I tapped on it and increased the pressure as his c*ck hardened in a solid erection. Soon little drops of cum were dribbling off the tip of his c*ck onto the floor. Jane picked up the flogger and started on his back as he began moaning and writhing. She attached a large dildo to her harness and inserted it into Zev. She scraped her nails across his back as she thrust him with the large rubber phallus.

I went upstairs and helped Mary prepare lunch in the kitchen. Jane led Zev into the room with a leash attached to his collar. She forced him to kneel under the table facing her opened legs. I served the two women as Jane picked up little bits of food and stuck in into Zev’s mouth. She stood up and lowered her underwear. She took carrot sticks and swished them around her cove and then slid them in and out of Zev’s mouth. Mary watched Jane and Zev with interest. She pointed to a position next to where she was sitting and indicated I was to kneel there. She pushed her panties down to her ankles and dipped carrot sticks into her body and then into my mouth. I had no time to get jealous about Jane and Zev as I was becoming very excited by what Mary was doing to me.

Jane stood and pulled her clothes up and led Zev downstairs to the dungeon. Mary lifted my head and kissed me passionately. We slipped into Mary’s room. I tied her up the way she likes and f*cked her slowly.

Strawberry cream pie


 “What was that stuff you were rubbing on that guy’s butt the other night?” She asked him about the threesome they had with the young model.

“Butt wax,” he smiled as he recalled eating Kenny’s man-pussy, “strawberry flavored, my favorite.”

“I’ve never seen it in the sex shops,” she said.

“You can get it in drugstores in the Castro,” he replied, “it’s popular with the guys in that neighborhood”.


She worried that he was becoming indifferent to her. She had been sleeping with Sarah most nights and he slept alone lately. He said he would be satisfied with his FWB’s that came for quickies but few visited during the lunch hour.

“I found some of that wax we talked about,” she said to him as he was clearing tables.

“Oh,” he replied concealing his interest, “what flavor?”

“Your favorite,” she walked over to him, “strawberry. I put some on.”

Although the patrons in the bar didn’t know what their private conversation meant, he tried to hide his red face from them.

“Maybe you should stock the cooler for tonight,” she said.

“What if I don’t want to?” he asked, toying with her.

“Then, you can kiss my butt,” she said to him playfully.

He turned toward her. Their eyes met. “Do you mean it?”

“Yeah,” she reassured him, “lets go.” She walked into the hallway toward the back room.

He followed her steps mechanically. He began to feel queezy. What if she really wants to go through with this?

They stepped in the room and she pushed the door shut. She bent toward a stack of cases and pushed her jeans and panties down in one move. “C’mon” , she pointed to the floor behind her, “I haven’t all day.”

He knelt behind her and spread her butt cheeks apart. His tongue began the slow swirling descent toward her dark opening. What will she think of me?

She reached behind and tugged on his hair and pulled it toward her hole, “do it like this.”


He began laving her up and down her tiny opening.

“Good boy,” She moaned a little.

She likes me doing it. He felt relieved.

She rubbed her clit and pumped her orgasm. “Lick me,” she told him as she bent lower, “here”, her fingers pointing to her slit.

Strawberry cream pie, my favorite desert.

She let his tongue linger awhile and said, “I need to take care of customers.” She pulled her pants up. She turned and kissed him, “don’t forget to bring the cases of wine.”

He came out of the room pulling the dolly across the old floor planks. “Thought we’ll need this tonight” he said to her.

“Oh, thank you, ” she turned to him, “we should do this more often, don’t you think?”

The patrons at the bar looked up from their drinks toward them.

“Yes,” he covered for her, “we should stock the coolers early to put a chill on the wine.”

She smiled at his story. “Yeah,” she added, “we might need more tonight.”

He nodded toward her, “I’m sure we’ll need more later!”

Erotica: Should it Be Censored?

Erotica: Should it Be Censored?

Lately there has been a move to stop the sales and financing (such as issuing royalties to erotica authors) of what some commercial sites such as PayPal has determined to be “offensive”. You can get more info and sign a petition to oppose these moves from the following links:http://bit.ly/xYUG9X

The censoring of some types of literature can lead to the censoring of other kinds. The US Supreme Court, siding with the First Ammendment,  has ruled that the sales of printed books such as the works of D.H. Lawrence, Henry Miller, Alec Baldwin, and others cannot be restricted. We are now enetering yet another challenge to censorship in the digital age. Can corporations such as Paypal, Amazon, etc. restrict the sales and royalty payments of digital works that they deem offensive?
If you want to oppose censorship (even if you are ambivalent about erotica), please check these sites and sign the online petition.