she marked her prey

Kat approached the handsome boy .

“What’s your name?” she asked him, “Do you want to play?” .

“My name’s Dale,” he said quietly, “Yes, ma’am,” .

Kat attached her leash to one of the rings on his collar and led him to one of the unused play areas. She suspended him to the cross and started to squeeze his cock as she pinched his nipples with her nails.  She was surprised how well Dale responded to her ministrations. She lifted her flogger and began whipping him across his chest. He moaned in delight as she moved her hand up and down the frenum on the underside of his cock.  Her hand collected spurts of cum that erupted from it. She smeared it across his lips and kissed him. She placed placed a hand around his throat and pinched his nostril with the other hand. She forced her tongue into his mouth and pushed the sticky goo in. He moaned into her mouth as their lips smacked together.


When they finished the session, “I have to pee, ” , Kat said, “Do you want to join me? ”

“Yes, may I, ma’am”, he said with more enthusiasm.  She released him from the cross, attached her leash to his collar and led him to the bathroom in the hallway.

When they got inside the room, she closed the door and ordered Dale to kneel in front of her. She lifted her skirt and told him to slip off her panties.

He slid her underwear to her ankles. She leaned on him as she slipped out of the lace. She stepped toward the toilet, lifted the seat and straddled it. “Come here,” she said as she pointed to a spot in front of her.

He crawled and knelt before her as she crouched toward the bowl and let the stream flow from her into the bowl. When she finished, she moved closer to him. He did not move back. She tugged on his leash and said, “clean me”.

He bent forward and started to gently lick the salty fluid off her folds.

His tongue circled around the outer folds. His eyes met hers. She pulled her vulva open and nodded to him. “Mmmm,” she moaned, “put your tongue in deeper, get it all.”

His tongue darted to the tiny hole that was the source of her salty fluid. He tapped in on the bottom and some drops slipped onto his tongue. His nostrils filled with the unmistakable vapors of her scent. He had no resistance to the odor and the taste of her. He drew more of the fluid out. He would remember her this way.

She watched his lecherous tongue massage her wet skin tenderly. At last a boy who would accept the real me…not just a fantasy. He might be a keeper! 

She pushed him back gently, stepped over the bowl and pulled up her underwear and skirt. She walked to the sink and opened the cabinet above it. “Here’s a toothbrush and toothpaste,” she said to him, “wash your mouth and meet me outside by the couches.”

He brushed his teeth and rinsed his mouth with some mouthwash.

Kat went to Gina. “Are you with Dale?” Gina asked.

“Yeah,” she replied, checking Gina’s expression, “he’s been with me. Do you want him?”

“Not tonight,” Gina replied, “I’m with Tommy. ”

“Is it OK with you?”

“Yeah, sure. I hope you two can hit it on, ” Gina said.

“Is he OK to trust?”

“He’s been OK with me. Do you want to join Tommy and I at my place?”

“Yeah, give me a few minutes to talk to Dale.” Kat said.

Kat noticed Dale leaving the restroom. She walked over to him. Their eyes met again. She took his hair and pulled him into her and kissed him. His lips parted and she darted her tongue inside his mouth. “You taste good”, she said.

“Thank you ma’am,” he said.

“Do you want to come with me as my slave?”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said, “if it would please you.”

“Yes,” she smiled, “it would please me very much if you submit to me tonight.”

“Thank you, ma’am”.


She attached her leash to his collar and lead him across the room before the other couples who were making out on the couches. She found an empty couch and sat on it. She pointed to the floor in front of her feet and tugged his collar. Dale knelt before her.

“Now, slave, ” she said, “lets resume where we left off.”She reached under her skirt and pushed her underwear to her ankles.

She lifted her skirt, pushed her hips forward and pointed to her pussy. “Kiss me here.”

He moved his lips toward her mound and she dropped her skirt over his head. He began licking her in the darkness, his tongue following her scent.

“You’re a nice boy,” she said, “keep licking me like that!”

He resumed his licking and sucking with fervor. He could taste a faint trace of the fluid he had just licked mingled with her odor.

“Dale,” she said, “they’re going to close this place soon,  would you like to come with me to Gina’s place for the night?”

“mmmmph”, he moaned his approval.




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