Dog Park

He was walking through an older part of town he hadn’t been to in a long time. Older brick industrial buildings had been converted into high-ceiling trendy lofts. On the streets nearby there were none of the usual broken car windows and the piles of glass shards below, no mattresses and household items dumped on the sidewalk. As he neared the park he could smell the pine trees and the fragrance of wildflowers instead of the burning rubber and plastic and exhaust from the vehicles that usually clogged the streets. The lawn in the park had been recently mowed and smelled of chlorophyll. The sunlight between the buildings painted a brilliant yellow-green design and directed him to enter. He saw couples walking along the path. Older women in leather boots and jackets were leading younger boys in jeans and muscle tees that exposed their maze-like tattoos. The women lead the collared boys by their leashes. Inside the park a group of disheveled young boys wandered along the path looking through garbage cans.

One of the leashed boys lunged forward and attempted to join the wandering vagrants. His owner tugged on his leash and pulled him to a park bench.


She directed him to kneel and when he dropped below where she sat, she soft slapped him and held his gaze toward hers. She scolded her boy and promised him a thorough beating if he repeated his behavior. The boy placed his arms behind his back and cast his eyes downward in submission as she brought him to heel.

He felt a tug on his neck. His partner had yanked his leash to direct him to one of the lofts. They went inside and she greeted the leather-clad woman inside.  “Now pup, kneel” she told him. “This is my pet,” she said to the woman.

“Let me show you my slave,” the other woman said as the two walked to the center of the room. A naked boy was tied up with red rope and suspended from the pulley in the ceiling. He wore only matching high-heels and a ballgag.


She beat him on his butt with her crop as he moaned. “He loves to be kept this way,” she smiled.

As the sun was setting, he was lead by his mistress to their home. She opened the door and let him in. “My coat and boots,” she ordered him. He removed her leather jacket and hung it in the closet. She sat on the small stool. He slipped off her boots.

“Pup, ” she said as she pointed down.


He bowed to her feet.

“Place my slippers on now,” she ordered.

He slipped the soft shoes on her feet and bowed before her.

“Good pup,” she said as she patted him on the head, ” now fix my dinner and bring me a drink.”

He started heating the food and brought her the glass of wine and knelt before where she was laying on the couch, reading a book. She sipped a little and handed the glass back to him. He was about to get up when she commanded him to stay.


“You’ve been a good puppy all day,” she turned to him as he looked down to the floor.

“Yes, ma’am,” he spoke.

“Good puppies deserve a treat,” she said, “but first finish making dinner and call me when it’s ready.”

She sat at the table. When he had finished serving her, she pointed to the floor. He knelt, facing her.  She took the carrot sticks and dipped them inside her. She beckoned him with her finger as she had placed the sticks before her. “Good boy,” she said. “You may eat now.” One by one he sucked them off the chair.

“Would you like a drink, sweetie,?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said.

She took a large sip of her wine and lifted his face up toward her, moved in and kissed him as she spit the wine into his mouth.

“Now be a good boy and run my bath,” she commanded him. After he filled the tub with the hot water and the fragrances she liked, she removed her clothes and slipped into the bubbly mix. “Wash my back.”

He knelt by the side of the tub and soaped her back. He rinsed her and toweled her off as she stood. He helped her into her robe.

“Now be a good boy and clean up in the kitchen and see me when you’re done,” she said.

He finished his chores and returned to the bedroom and stood at the foot of the bed. She lowered the covers and revealed her naked body to him. She started to finger herself. “Come here,” she beckoned him with her finger, “kiss me.”

He buried his face in her and licked until she pushed him away. “Place your arms behind your back,” she ordered. She wound the red rope around his shoulders into a harness. She attached the other end to a pulley in the ceiling. She pulled it tight. She placed a hood over his head.



She whipped his back and sides with her single-tail.  Sweat poured out from the red welts her whip made on his skin. She could hear him whimpering as he began to cry. He moaned in agony.

Her reign of blows continued through the night. He felt he was swimming in a drowsy haze of pain and arousal.

She lead him to the bed and mounted him, alternating between his mouth and cock.

A loud banging noise awoke him in the early morning. The garbage truck lifted the dumpster and emptied its contents. The traffic along the street rumbled loudly. He remembered it was time for him to serve the woman he lived with. He turned in his bed to look at his partner but he couldn’t move much. He was bound to the bed and she had left him.  She had left them there alone.

He thought maybe it had all been a dream, or was it?


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