Saturday Night Steam

I was swimming in one of the faster lanes in the evening. It’s relaxed by then, the staff coaches and lifeguards are gone for the day. The water was clear. The pool lights were on and I could see the swimmers in the other lanes.

 a night swim is the best time to meet someone

At night, guys will swim in their underwear. The wet fabric folds into their butt crack like a g-string. Their cock and balls are hung in a sack below them like a rudder on a boat.

Eventually the guys leave and I have a lane to myself without having to avoid other swimmers. The lane cleared and I began the butterfly. I did a few reps and started my cool-down.

A young woman in a string bikini got into the lane and swam in front of me. She was faster than I.  I took the challenge and caught up with her. She went faster. I caught up again. We swam faster and faster like a cat and mouse.

She did a medley. She started into the breaststroke. I had to bob up for air more often than she. When I went back into the water, I couldn’t help but notice her legs spreading in the frog kick. Her bikini bottom appeared to be almost transparent. I could see her folds in full detail. Although I was beginning to feel tired, I swam faster to keep up with the view.

In the evening the gym has mostly body builders with huge biceps. They pick up heavy weights and drop them on the padded floor with a grunt. The air has a heady smell of testosterone and sweat. When I work out with them I often leave feeling like I want to get into a fight.  Tonight I stayed in the pool and followed the small woman with the tiny bikini. I was getting increasingly horny, my dick began to harden. When I left the pool I wanted to do one thing and that was to fuck.

I went into the locker room to shower. A slim guy walked in. His dark board shorts contrasted to his lightly tanned skin. His abs lines pointed into his narrow waist. He had a short beard, like a guy who shaves only every other  day and today was his day off. Maybe he sat on the bar stools along the beach, holding a vodka martini and watched the surfers or the girls lying on the sand. Maybe when he worked he sat in an office looking into a computer screen. At his apartment he sat on a couch with his roommates watching sports. Tonight he was bored and came here for something different. He brought a basketball ready to play pick-up at a moments notice. Although he wasn’t tall like the other guys in the court, he often out-maneuvered them and raced to the hoop alone with enough time to make his shot.

He slipped off his tee-shirt in front of the noisy fan in the locker room to cool off. His sweat made lines that ran through the furrows between his muscles. He retrieved a towel and wiped off.

He turned to me, our eyes met

He went to his locker and opened it. He turned to sit on the bench and untie his shoes as he faced me. He stood and slipped off his shorts. His large dick flopped out. I glanced down and saw the cut beauty. His large tool stood out like a gem in the rough of short pubic hairs.  I slid my Speedos off. He looked down and then up toward me. We both smiled slightly. I led the way to the steam room and he followed.

The watery air blurred the vague forms of the other guys in the room.  The blasting rush of steam softened their grunts and moans, the lips slurping of cock.  We preferred girls but we wanted relief now. He wanted me to take the lead and  get his dick hard. We kissed. I pinched his nipples. I pushed him down on his knees. I fed him my cock. He was reluctant at first. I pulled his head toward me. He relaxed and began lapping on the tip and took in more. I jerked a little and lost my load. I pulled him up by his hair and we kissed again and exchanged the sticky cum between our mouths. I took him full length. We kissed and shared our cum.

I felt relieved of the tension that peaked during my workout. He seemed more relaxed. There was a smell of sweat and testosterone throughout the room. My pulse was rushing to cool my body off from the heat. I needed air and a cool shower.

I walked toward the steamy glass door. “What was your name?” he called out to me.

“I’m Dave”, I said as I glanced toward his shimmering image, “what’s yours?”

“I’m Kal,” he said.

“See you, Kal”, I opened the door as two men entered.

“Yeah,” he said through the roar of the steam, “see you.”


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