Who is the trainer and who is the trainee?

Jane began taking personal training sessions from Zev a young, lithe muscle-bound guy at the fitness club she attends. At first she came home and complained how much stress and aggravation he caused her. After a while she adapted to the exercises he directed her to do and began to show results. After one of his sessions with her, he invited her to the fitness center’s lunch room. He seemed attracted to her and asked for a date. She told him: “you’ll have to get to know me first”. So for several weeks they would meet after her workout and talked about their background and interests. Zev was a PE major in college and worked as a physical therapist for a hospital until he was laid off about a year ago. He now worked part time at the center and had personal training sessions with several clients to supplement the little pay he received at the club. Jane told Zev she was a lesbian domme and wasn’t interested in vanilla relationships. Zev seemed eager to receive her services. So Zev came to our dungeon one Saturday evening and had a session with Jane.

I am assisting Jane during her dungeon sessions as a receptionist, answering calls from clients and giving them her instructions to strip to a leather g-string before she would see them. At first I became a bit annoyed at hearing the activities in the dungeon: the clanking of chains, the cracks of the whips & floggers, the screams and whimpers of her clients. Eventually I got to know some the regulars and talked to them as they waited for Jane to come out of the dungeon in her bright red corset, fishnet stockings, thigh-high boots with a crop at her side and say: “who’s next!”. I could see fear build up in their expression with each crack of the whip Jane was using on some other client in the dungeon. Her clients were usually middle-aged married men who paid Jane to thrash them regularly. They appreciated her special skills as she tormented them while they were secured to the cross or the rack, wielding her flogger, whip or cane on their flinching bodies. When they were finished, most of them smiled and thanked “Mistress Jane” for her services.

Jane had Zev for her last session of the day. Recently Zev noticed the new cage we built under the spanking table and asked Jane to lock him in it. She asked me if I didn’t mind watching Zev for the night. I immediately agreed to her request not realizing that I would have a sleepless night in a darkened dungeon. My instructions were to let Zev out for toilet breaks and to lock him in the cage when he returned. I was also to wake him early and hose him down in the shower before she came into the dungeon and resumed his torture session.

Later the next morning, Jane called me into her session with Zev. She had him tied to the bench. She forced Zev to suck my c*ck to the root. Then she directed me to fist Zev. I lubed my fingers with astro-glide and stuck one in after another. Eventually his sphincter opened up and took my hand up to the wrist. I rotated my hand and felt the little lump of his prostate. I tapped on it and increased the pressure as his c*ck hardened in a solid erection. Soon little drops of cum were dribbling off the tip of his c*ck onto the floor. Jane picked up the flogger and started on his back as he began moaning and writhing. She attached a large dildo to her harness and inserted it into Zev. She scraped her nails across his back as she thrust him with the large rubber phallus.

I went upstairs and helped Mary prepare lunch in the kitchen. Jane led Zev into the room with a leash attached to his collar. She forced him to kneel under the table facing her opened legs. I served the two women as Jane picked up little bits of food and stuck in into Zev’s mouth. She stood up and lowered her underwear. She took carrot sticks and swished them around her cove and then slid them in and out of Zev’s mouth. Mary watched Jane and Zev with interest. She pointed to a position next to where she was sitting and indicated I was to kneel there. She pushed her panties down to her ankles and dipped carrot sticks into her body and then into my mouth. I had no time to get jealous about Jane and Zev as I was becoming very excited by what Mary was doing to me.

Jane stood and pulled her clothes up and led Zev downstairs to the dungeon. Mary lifted my head and kissed me passionately. We slipped into Mary’s room. I tied her up the way she likes and f*cked her slowly.


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