Strawberry cream pie


 “What was that stuff you were rubbing on that guy’s butt the other night?” She asked him about the threesome they had with the young model.

“Butt wax,” he smiled as he recalled eating Kenny’s man-pussy, “strawberry flavored, my favorite.”

“I’ve never seen it in the sex shops,” she said.

“You can get it in drugstores in the Castro,” he replied, “it’s popular with the guys in that neighborhood”.


She worried that he was becoming indifferent to her. She had been sleeping with Sarah most nights and he slept alone lately. He said he would be satisfied with his FWB’s that came for quickies but few visited during the lunch hour.

“I found some of that wax we talked about,” she said to him as he was clearing tables.

“Oh,” he replied concealing his interest, “what flavor?”

“Your favorite,” she walked over to him, “strawberry. I put some on.”

Although the patrons in the bar didn’t know what their private conversation meant, he tried to hide his red face from them.

“Maybe you should stock the cooler for tonight,” she said.

“What if I don’t want to?” he asked, toying with her.

“Then, you can kiss my butt,” she said to him playfully.

He turned toward her. Their eyes met. “Do you mean it?”

“Yeah,” she reassured him, “lets go.” She walked into the hallway toward the back room.

He followed her steps mechanically. He began to feel queezy. What if she really wants to go through with this?

They stepped in the room and she pushed the door shut. She bent toward a stack of cases and pushed her jeans and panties down in one move. “C’mon” , she pointed to the floor behind her, “I haven’t all day.”

He knelt behind her and spread her butt cheeks apart. His tongue began the slow swirling descent toward her dark opening. What will she think of me?

She reached behind and tugged on his hair and pulled it toward her hole, “do it like this.”


He began laving her up and down her tiny opening.

“Good boy,” She moaned a little.

She likes me doing it. He felt relieved.

She rubbed her clit and pumped her orgasm. “Lick me,” she told him as she bent lower, “here”, her fingers pointing to her slit.

Strawberry cream pie, my favorite desert.

She let his tongue linger awhile and said, “I need to take care of customers.” She pulled her pants up. She turned and kissed him, “don’t forget to bring the cases of wine.”

He came out of the room pulling the dolly across the old floor planks. “Thought we’ll need this tonight” he said to her.

“Oh, thank you, ” she turned to him, “we should do this more often, don’t you think?”

The patrons at the bar looked up from their drinks toward them.

“Yes,” he covered for her, “we should stock the coolers early to put a chill on the wine.”

She smiled at his story. “Yeah,” she added, “we might need more tonight.”

He nodded toward her, “I’m sure we’ll need more later!”


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