Erotica: Should it Be Censored?

Erotica: Should it Be Censored?

Lately there has been a move to stop the sales and financing (such as issuing royalties to erotica authors) of what some commercial sites such as PayPal has determined to be “offensive”. You can get more info and sign a petition to oppose these moves from the following links:

The censoring of some types of literature can lead to the censoring of other kinds. The US Supreme Court, siding with the First Ammendment,  has ruled that the sales of printed books such as the works of D.H. Lawrence, Henry Miller, Alec Baldwin, and others cannot be restricted. We are now enetering yet another challenge to censorship in the digital age. Can corporations such as Paypal, Amazon, etc. restrict the sales and royalty payments of digital works that they deem offensive?
If you want to oppose censorship (even if you are ambivalent about erotica), please check these sites and sign the online petition.


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